My nickname is Hope. I live my life to the fullest and in hope. I truly believe in the importance of self care and the need to refill your pitcher in order to continue to care for others. I grew up in Burnt Islands NL, a little town by the ocean on Southwest Coast of Newfoundland. I moved to Alberta 17 yrs ago. I came from a time when self-care was considered selfish. I challenged that belief head on. Self care and self love is a necessity; I believe that it is what will make us strong, independent, caring, nonjudgmental women. Laughter and kindness are essential as we travel along our journey of life. I utilize these essentials while being a caring friend, a supportive wife and a loving mom to my amazing adult son who has Autism. Professionally, I am a strong leader and work as a mentor/advocate for youth and families to promote mental wellness. I have had a number of challenges in my life; my experiences have taught me to never give up, to face life head on, and to always, always have hope.


I have four kids (23, 12, 10, and 9 years old) who all have their own unique personalities. Talking about myself comes really easy, especially when I am trying to make a personal connection. I have a big heart and find I am easily hurt so I follow the “qtip” rule (quit taking it personally). When I have the chance I take full advantage of partying. YEP there it is, the p- word, whoop whoop!! Being creative is very important to me as well. I have no problem scrapbooking beside a basket of laundry or starting a craft with my kids at 7:30 at night. I work with adults with disabilities and I am inspired by my job daily. I love sports and share that love with my husband, which brings out my competitiveness. I also love love chocolate and colouring. I am a big kid with responsibilities (whomp whomp whomp). I am sooooooo excited about being a cheerleader! I have a perma grin just thinking about it :).


I am a wife to a fabulous husband and a mother to two amazing children, Olivia (7) and Marcus (2). They have their ‘bad’ days, but I am so grateful that I get to be their momma. I am a strong, committed, loyal, happy, and fun loving person. My husband has nicknamed me Flower because I laugh like the skunk on Bambi. I work from home selling financial independents to clients, as well as doing the company books. Cooking meals where I can just add ingredients at random and it doesn't call for a measuring cup is something I love to do. I think my husband chose the perfect match to spice up his food. In my free time I love to read, watch and do anything that involves home decorating. I have a passion for portrait photography and have recently took several courses in Edmonton. If I am ever stressed out, I have realized that making things sparkle in my house relaxes me. It's amazing to me how a clean house can quiet my mind. I’m looking forward to capturing our enjoyMEnt at camp!


Hippy is my nickname.  The 70’s would have been an exciting time to be alive!  Music, nature, art, travel and the pursuit of peace are my obsessions.  My job is a labor of love; I work at an Elementary school as a Success Coach and teach guitar and piano on the side.  I am the middle child of seven, raised on an Alberta prairie farm; this is why I enjoy hard work and thrive on creative expression.  My 1 year old daughter is the love of my life and I am having fun raising her with my husband.  Hedonism is important to me because I believe that pleasure is the highest good and aim of human life.  I cannot wait to have an enjoyMEnt experience!

EnjoyMent 2016 and 2017 YOGA INSTRUCTOR


My yoga journey has taken me down the path of constant evolution.  I began practicing as a young competitive athlete to gain strength , flexibility, and mental focus. When that stage in my life was completed Yoga gave me a safe space to heal from anxiety and depression. The practice offered a space to slow down and be accepted, to be perfectly imperfect.  What I learned on the mat made me stronger, connected, more self aware, and confident to take on the ups and downs that life brings.  I was inspired by my first Teacher Felicia Ochs in Whitecourt to take her 250 HR RYT Training in 2008 at Moksana Yoga in Victoria BC.  I am now an E-RYT 500. I completed my 50HR Rocket Vinyasa Training with Michele Theoret and Rockne White in May 2013. Completing my 500 Hour Training in December 2014 was a labour of love. I am honored to currently be assisting Michele in the Empowered Yoga 200HR Teacher Training, and Facilitating upcoming Trainings with Empowered Yoga. A student first, I constantly inspire others to grow and challenge themselves through yoga. I am strongly influenced by Power Yoga, Ashtanga, and all things flow. I teach Power Flow, Hot Flow, Youth Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga, Silver Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Gentle Flow, Hatha Yoga, Meditation and also travel across Alberta to Teach workshops and intensives. Off the mat, you can find me snuggling my two beautiful girls, Issie and Molly, laughing with my husband Tom, working on my next art project, or hunting for second hand treasures. I have a light heart, so come to class prepared to sweat, smile, listen to funky music and feel the depth of your breath. 



KRISTIN Vinet, Website & BranDing of ENJOYMENT

Kristie is a Productivity Coach and Branding Consultant at TEN IV Communications. She focuses on empowering entrepreneurs through the use of technology to grow their business. By integrating new tools, Kristie teaches them how to stay in control of their own success


Jan & Erin Johnson, Shared their Createbook process

Jan & Erin with Prairie Girl Outpost are purveyors of lifestyle products that embody the values of gutsy, boundary pushin’, lovers of wide open spaces, backroad driving, visionary women rooted in wholesome pursuits. Jan & Erin empower women of all ages to venture off the beaten path, to raise the stakes of what’s possible for their lives and to plant their dreams in fertile ground… what they call Living a Trailblazer Life. A Trailblazer Life is bringing your dreams and bold ideas to life with their signature Createbook Process™.