Hippy is my nickname.  The 70’s would have been an exciting time to be alive!  Music, nature, art, travel and the pursuit of peace are my obsessions.  My job is a labor of love; I work at an Elementary school as a Success Coach and teach guitar and piano on the side.  I am the middle child of seven, raised on an Alberta prairie farm; this is why I enjoy hard work and thrive on creative expression.  My 1 year old daughter is the love of my life and I am having fun raising her with my husband.  Hedonism is important to me because I believe that pleasure is the highest good and aim of human life.  I cannot wait to have an enjoyMEnt experience!

Niki Underwood, Cheerleader & Shabby Chic Crafter

Niki Underwood. a daughter. a sister. a wife. a mom. an auntie. In this beautiful life, I have raised 3 beautiful children into wonderful adults, couldn't be prouder of them. Love my husband of 21 years, he continues to support me and put up with my silly jokes. I am lifetime volunteer in my beautiful community of Whitecourt. So excited to be a part of this amazing camp! You'll find me in the craft cabin this year. My favorite part of enjoyMEnt camp.......the ME part♡ First year I attended, I was a little out of sorts that year, as my kids were grown into young adults and I wasn't sure what my next Mom job was. Well enjoyMEnt showed me that all of us ladies are the same deep down. We crave things. We thrive on other things. We love things. All different. But the same. Same big beautiful hearts♡

Elizabeth Bissonette, cheerleader & Poet

Hello lovely ladies. Well, this year I join the retreat as a cheerleader. The previous years I’ve been an eager participant. I love the whole weekend and bring with me love of nature, poetry, and connections. Welcome to the newcomers. Welcome back to the veterans:)
A little about myself: according to my friends I have a gentle heart with a child-like soul. I am present in the now which helps me find peace in even the toughest of times. I feel I’m constantly in the process of becoming the best version of myself, and I’m not afraid to speak from my heart as I’m often wearing it on my sleeve.
I’m a philosophical poet that likes the odd adventure. This summer I visited Africa to live the dream of working beside elephants in a sanctuary. This amazing trip was born from a little seed of thought last year at the retreat. A shout out to Kathy and Maureen for providing the space to dream and create the lived experience. As for Africa, I left parts of my heart with new friends/family and with my favourite ellie - Marula! I’m still glowing from my adventure and have much to still process. I can’t wait for what is unfolding in me. I am a budding blossom.
Until we meet, Ubuntu... I am because you are. (African proverb).

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I have always been very active as a child and teenager practicing gymnastics and swimming. I discovered salsa and Latin dance in my 20’s and practiced for 8 years. I first discovered yoga when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2010, it opened up the possibility for balance in my life. 
I became a fitness instructor in 2012 teaching Zumba and very high intensity cardio classes. I took my yoga teacher training in 2017 and it allowed me to combine my love of teaching with my love of yoga. I am constantly looking for new trainings to never stop learning and sharing with my students. My yoga practice has helped me create a deep connection and understanding of my body’s abilities and its limitations. The classes I teach reflect this idea, I encourage experimentation, acceptance and honouring your body. To me exercising is not only about building strength and flexibility physically but also in your mind on and off the mat. I am grateful to all my teacher and mentors for encouraging me to pursue my passion. 


WENDY mCKEE, Yoga Instructor

Wendy began her yogic journey over 12 years ago.  What started as a simple yoga/pilates class every week to get out of the house, turned into a devoted study.  She started going to as many classes with as many different teachers as possible.  Wendy met a couple different teachers who became mentors and trusted friends.  These important influences helped shape how she approaches her practice today.  Her style of classes are preferred to be less of a label.  Call it, Sadhana Yoga.  Including many different traditions and disciplines.  The main goal being to use movement and breath to unite Mind, Body and Spirit.  As a lifelong student, she could not help but become immersed in yoga as a way of life, a way of thought and a way of right action.  In Spring of 2016, Wendy followed her heart to Bali, Indonesia where she felt the heart of the yogic traditions and completed her 200 RYT training.  At this time she is teaching and studying her way towards a 500 hour certification and beyond.  FORM WORX YOGA  studio was established in March of 2018 and continues to spread the love of yoga.


I am a wife and mom of three boys. I am also a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and life coach. My intention is to help teach people, specifically women live their best life. To uncomplicate things and to live like you mean it.


Cindy Granley, BooTy® Leader

I’m a wife to my hubby of 19 years, a mother to my two awesome kids ages 15 and 17, horse lover and fitness instructor. I have been a group fitness Instructor for eight years, but four years ago I became a BooTy leader, when I was just seeking something more than traditional fitness in my life. I have loved every minute of sharing it with women ever since. I’m looking forward to sharing it with all the women at my first enjoyMEnt weekend!!

Tarran Young, BooTy® Leader

I am a wife to my husband, Cody, and a mom of 2 wonderful, spunky boys, Chett and Lachlan. I am a health and wellness lover and am on a journey of trying to follow what my heart desires. Sometimes that means being vulnerable, which I’m not always good at! I have been a BooTy® lover for almost 3 years now, and have been an inspirational leader for almost a year. BooTy® has allowed me to help express myself in a way that I was never able to before. It is something that I am very passionate about and I am so excited to share it with other women at EnjoyMEnt!




KRISTIN Vinet, Website & BranDing of ENJOYMENT

Kristie is a Productivity Coach and Branding Consultant at TEN IV Communications. She focuses on empowering entrepreneurs through the use of technology to grow their business. By integrating new tools, Kristie teaches them how to stay in control of their own success



Jan & Erin Johnson, Shared their Createbook process

Jan & Erin with Prairie Girl Outpost are purveyors of lifestyle products that embody the values of gutsy, boundary pushin’, lovers of wide open spaces, backroad driving, visionary women rooted in wholesome pursuits. Jan & Erin empower women of all ages to venture off the beaten path, to raise the stakes of what’s possible for their lives and to plant their dreams in fertile ground… what they call Living a Trailblazer Life. A Trailblazer Life is bringing your dreams and bold ideas to life with their signature Createbook Process™.