Who am I while I navigate life in this quest to fully love myself? I’m the “trying to hurry” mama driving the wrapper-filled, decorated in goldfish crumbs SUV while singing made up songs about bucket filling. Yes, that is mama talk for me trying to convince my littles to not beat the sh*t out of each other. Don’t worry I make it sound pretty and it keeps them trying to guess my next word rather than fighting, so it’s all good. It’s all good. I’m the spoiled only daughter of four, the Oilpatch wife, the mama of Malia and Kahne, the cheerleader of teens trying to find their way in our messy world (AKA high school guidance counsellor). I believe in the healing power of Fruit & Nut chocolate bars and Irish tea. Practicing gratitude daily and running helps me stay grounded; I tend to feel overwhelmed when I neglect either. I like to be alone, but not lonely. I LOVE people. I’m the fist-pumping, hip shaking, prayer offering, conundrum solving gal who wants to have a good time, a steaming hot bubble bath, and five minutes alone with her husband to make out. I believe in asking for forgiveness. I am confident and insecure. I am selfish and generous. I am impulsive and encouraging. I am Maureen.



I am a busy mother of 3 (9 year old girl and two energetic boys 7 and 5 years old), a wife and a sister. I love water and mountains, Alberta’s big blue sky, ice cream, chick flicks, baking and the high from a long run. I am a dedicated, committed, warm hug on a crappy day, life long kind of friend. ‘Chatty Kathy’ or ‘Grace’ (I spill my water and wine regularly) have been my nicknames. I am forever grateful to my parents and I am blessed that they taught me to believe I am worthy of whatever I have and achieve. I was always the teacher’s pet, but never a top achieving student until graduate studies. I worked hard to become a “geek” and now I crave learning. Ironically I used to hate reading, and I am not a fan of the word “hate”. Now I am a psychologist with a specialization in reading and I get to help those who “hate” reading. Multitasking is my specialty, which drives my husband crazy, but boy am I efficient, minus a messy kitchen and a broken dish or two! Social situations, planning, and helping others energizes me, but exhausts me and dare I say leaves me feeling resentful at times. I am trying to figure out how to slow down, quiet my mind and just be. Perhaps alone time could rejuvenate me, if I didn’t always have one more thing to do first. I am always up for a challenge and quieting my mind is definitely one. I’ll keep you posted on how it is going. I am Kathy.

We are committed to loving and owning and rocking our authentic self and we can’t wait for these 3 nights, and 3 days of “enjoyME” time. We cannot wait to meet YOU! Our enjoyMEnt experience is about giving you the opportunity to INVEST in yourself! It’s easy to invest time in your family or your career, but how often do you give yourself permission to take time for yourself? At enjoyMEnt you will be giving yourself the gift of time; time to discover more about yourself, to make connections, to challenge yourself mentally and physically, and to JUST BE.


For those of you a little more like Kathy, who needs to justify and weigh the pros and cons of everything before making decisions, by bettering yourself you will positively affect your relationships with your family and colleagues. Plus, there will be wine, think about those health benefits.

We are so freaking excited for this enjoyMEnt experience, for meaningful connections, for being unplugged, for cocktail hour, for yoga, for ziplining, and for seeing the forest blanketed in her fall splendor. Tipi sleeping on your bucket list? Ours too. We’ll save a spot for you close to the fire.